Medication Adherence Solution for Digital Health

The RX Cap platform, Smart Caps, and mobile
apps allow a complete and end-to-end solution
for patient adherence management.

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Tailored to your Needs

RxCap offers a variety of options for integrating our hardware into your products and services. Either through seamless data integration with your existing digital experiences, or through our white label services of our app and web platforms which can integrate your brand identity and be released as standalone experiences for your customers.

Seamless data integration into your existing digital experiences

Data can flow directly into existing patient and provider tools, enabling a seamless patient experience for your existing patients.

Configurable & Customizable Digital Assets / Applications

RxCap’s medication reminder app can be white labelled to match your company identity and released to the appstores.

Customizable web portals and medication adherence reporting

White-labeled portal to provide you with prioritized real-time alerts, with reporting & analytics for caregivers & researchers

About the Cap

RxCap Bluetooth smart cap offers comprehensive levels of
medication monitoring for patients and providers. The pill bottle
works with a companion app, computer and/or cellular hub. It
allows users to program reminders for when to take their
medication within a certain period of time. At the scheduled time,
the bottle begins to glow. The bottle records medication use based
on whether the bottle cap has been removed.

Works with CentorRx 1-Click vials (10dram & 13dram)

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Key Features

  • Internal memory storage
  • Accelerometer sensor
  • Child resistant
  • LED light pipe
  • Double dosage alert
  • Bluetooth low energy
  • Temperature sensor
  • Reusable
  • Records each cap opening
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Two year warranty
  • Low price point

RxCap Engage

Quick & ease to use smart cap app

For Smart cap users only

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RxCap Adhere

Complex regimens setup in SECONDS

For Meducation© users only

Provider Portal

The third part is a web-server driven data storage, presentation and analytics solution that can be customized for user groups such as care team, clinical/biopharma research support, and personal (authorized) support networks. RX CAP automatically sends data to servers in real-time, and the system contacts the patient as soon as the dose is missed, using the scheduled reminders described above.

EPIC App Orchard

RX CAP Medication Adherence Platform and Smart-Pill Bottle are Now Part of the Epic App Orchard.

RxCap is a physician-driven medication adherence platform that integrates EHR data and pre-populates the patient’s portion of the RxCap platform with a few clicks of a button directly from the clinician’s workflow.

This reduces the number of steps needed by both the patient and providers to set up medication adherence programs and limits mistakes from patients who self-enter their medication.

App Orchard


Get started with the RxCap API. Data sent from our server directly to your web portal


Get started with the RxCap SDK. Our Hardware connects directly to your app

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